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Oct. 19th, 2006

02:00 pm - Just a reminder...

Get your punk rock fix TOMORROW when Misfits Records presents Fiend Fest '06 featuring legendary punk outfit the Misfits with a very special guest set by Osaka Popstar and the American Legends of Punk (including MARKY RAMONE on drums and a member of BLACK FLAG) who will close the show. Joining them on the road are The Adicts, UK Subs, Juicehead and Orange. The must-see whirlwind tour hits Scottsdale on October 20th at the Venue of Scottsdale (7117 E. 3rd Ave., Scottsdale). Doors will open at 7 PM for this all ages show.

AZPunk.com is giving away tickets, so head over there and sign up now.

And The Blaze 1260 AM has tickets to give as well, so head over there to listen and win!

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Oct. 18th, 2006

09:21 pm - Thursday is the day

Oct. 16th, 2006

10:51 pm - $400 Poetry Slam starts at Paper Heart THIS THURSDAY!

For Immediate Release/Please Repost

Contact: Bob Nelson, Anthology
PO Box 4411
Mesa, AZ 85211-4411

Necromancer Just Days Away!
Anthology Sponsored Slam Make Big Cash Prize!

[Phoenix, AZ] The Paper Heart in Phoenix will play host to the first ever Necromancer Performance Poetry Festival, sponsored by Anthology, Inc. this coming Thursday, October 19th and Friday, October 20th. As many as 20 poets will be competing over the two days for $400 in cash prizes.
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Oct. 9th, 2006

02:10 pm - The Misfits with the Legends of Punk

The Legends of Punk features a Ramone, a member of Black Flag and one of the Misfits. It's going to be an AMAZING show. Anyone going??

It's October 20th at the Venue of Scottsdale. I've got a flyer under the cut (so it doesn't mess with your pages)!

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Sorry if you get this multiple times

Oct. 5th, 2006

09:04 am - First Friday at AvenueTen!

Come and enjoy work from multiple talented artists at the city's most exciting new gallery! AvenueTen is located conveniently in the First Friday loop, just south of Roosevelt on 10th Avenue. It's a potluck, so feel free to bring food or beverages. The festivities will kick off around 6pm and last until midnight. For more information, please call Terry Krause at 602.354.8489 or Jess Mencer at 480.766.1024. We'll look forward to seeing you there!

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Oct. 4th, 2006

08:53 am - Invitational Haiku Slam tomorrow!

Come say goodbye to Essenza Coffeehouse, a staple of Mesa for over 12 years, and enjoy the haiku stylings of 16 of Arizona's finest slam poets!

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Oct. 3rd, 2006

05:55 pm - Haunted Houses

Hey all,

We'd like to go to a haunted house sometime this month and are looking for reccomendations. We're located in Chandler and the ones that we've found around here are Alien Extreme (http://www.alienextreme.com/), Arizona's Original Scream Park (http://www.azscreampark.com/) and The Nest (http://www.frightened.com/). If you've been to any of these please let me know what you though and if you have other places to reccomend, please do!

There are 6 of us so far and we are looking for something that is really scary and NOT geared to kids. We are ages 22-25 and would like some that we can do for a couple hours.

Thanks a bunch!

Oct. 1st, 2006

09:57 pm - Anthology is Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

Hi all-

In leu of the normal Newsletter we would send out today, I am sending a much condensed message

First, the not so good news:

The Essenza Coffeehouse is closing. Of coarse, this means that the last ever Essenzaslam Poetry Slam at Essenza Coffeehouse will be this coming Thursday, October 5th. Please consider joining us for this milestone of art in the Greater Phoenix Community. The Essenzaslam Poetry Slam has been a staple of the poetry community in Arizona for 12+ years. We certainly will not be going out on a low note, as we will be having the Kuter's Interplanetary Haiku Championship with a special guest host, John Kofonow of Flagstaff. The show starts at 8PM, and runs until we decide it's over, or you go home I guess. Please try and show up to say goodbye, relay your stories, and hang out one last time at the little coffeehouse in the strip mall. Please make sure that you send this on to any of your friends or family that may have ever gone to one of the slams, as a feature, or as something to do on a Thursday night, or as someone that read on a regular oe semi regular basis. Don't assume anyone already knows, because if they miss it, well, it's not like they can come back next week...

Essenza Coffeehouse
1350 S Longmore, Mesa
(480) 461-0445 for directions

In the meantime, take a moment to call Essenza and express your support for them in this obviously challenging time. If you can't be there in person, and have a message you'd like read, send it to me- bob@anthology.org, and provided it is not too longwinded, we will see about reading it to the crowd. Also, look for updated info on the website on Wednesday night.

In carrying on...

As sad as this week is, we have been looking to the future for a long time, and The Greater Phoenix Poetry Slam is a big part of the future. Congratulations to the slam on receiving a 2006 Phoenix New Times "Best of" Award! Special thanks go out to Acott Sanders, Harmony and Aura Nelson, without whose unfailing support and patience would have never let this event get off the ground. We have 9 spots for the October Slam, and you can register online at http://gpps.anhology.org

Every Last Wednesday night of the month
The Paper Heart
750 W Grand Ave
(602) 262-2020 for directions

We love a Parade...

Friday the 29th of September was the Phoenix Annual Parade for the Arts, and Anthology and The Willow House Poets partnered on a float and merch table for the event. We even pulled together a video of the pics from the night, and you can watch it here:
It's about 20 minutes

Necrmancer still open...

Boy oh Boy, we need poets- who wants $250? How about $100 for second? ot $50 for third?
It's two days of awesome slam all at The Paper Heart-
Get signed up today!

That's it, for now, a long, sad week ahead...

Sep. 25th, 2006

09:43 pm - The Dynamic Duo of Slam!

Hello all-

This is it! That week of the month with the Dynamic Duo of Slam, the week that drives you to a new frenzie of spoken word bliss- It's Phoenix Slam/Essenzaslam Week baby! Please pass the word to your friends and neighbors, these are going to be GREAT shows!

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07:05 pm - need some advice

hi all!

I'm getting transfered to Phoenix and I've got quite a few questions.
I've never been there (I currently live in Tennessee), so I was wondering if anyone could give me the heads up on the best areas of town to live in?
What housing rental companies are good?
Is there a good punk or hard rock music scene?
What's the price of gas right now?
What does a pack of smokes run?
What banks are in town?
Also is there anything else I really should know before I get there?

I've got alot of questions, but I don't want to annoy everyone. So I'll end it there. 80)

many many thanks in advance!

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